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Mom's Day!

OK, I'm finally prepared for Mom's Day 2007! I'm always caught unawares la... despite all the advertising going on - haha~ i mean, other than Aileen (who memorizes ad jingles for goodness' sakes), we all zonk out during ads right? RIGHT??? Xp
But I decided that this week shall be Mother's Week! =D
To do's for me mom:
1. do the ironing voluntarily so she'll think she stepped into the wrong house
2. wake up by myself (ok, this is more of a long-term goal)
3 wake up to relieve mom of breakfast duties ><
4. be upbeat and positive, be the best I can be, be responsible for my own emotional health so I can contribute to the family atmosphere =D
5. kiss her
6. hugs
7. Dinner on the kids!
8. Present (still pondering what to buy...T.T'')
9. Clean up around the place
10 Have QUALITY TIME instead of QUANTITY time to argue and make each other unhappy ><
Hmm.. was thinking about time management today while running at the park (tip: just hurry up get off your backsides n get out the door b4 ur mind registers it!). Actually, what with church esp, sometimes there are so many things on our schedules tt benefits us and is what we wanna do (like reading reading reading for me!><). But it's really what my dad says: just think of all the things you have to do, rearrange them by your priorities, & just get started! I'll like to add to that a GOOD attitude!
I'm glad i can say this cos I actually tried it: u can feel lower than floor dirt anyday, you don't need to make an effort to, but if you just try (depends on how bad you want it) to think positive, believe in God, give people's intentions the benefit of the doubt - you'll find you are blessed. Don't get involved in the race to be the world's most unlucky person la! ><


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