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Sorry & thanks

alright.. come to think of it, my job isn't bad. I do like the people, though I hardly talk to them. haha.. in this last week of my job, i'm suddenly flooded with work - did you know you can type till your hand feels real weird? haha~ that's twice today that i fell asleep in front of the comp, totally unintentional(!) and drooled la! ><

cham~ i need eyedrops. :p

i think what amuses me most is when i overhear (eh, not eavesdrop, really cannot help it) my colleagues on the phone. Lol! Oookkay, this is called 'beggars can't be choosers'; but really, can be quite funny - and sweet.

Like when they speak to exasperating 'complainers', they have no qualms in showing their annoyance. My supervisor's head is super frank la! I really never met such a person as her - if i were the one on the other end getting scolded like a schoolkid by her, I'd be lidat --> '''O.O'''
hahaha~ but i quite pei fu those ppl w jobs needing them to pick up phone. I hear from ppl like Jean n Sy's blog hor - then it's really like, I'll sure get offended! Esp when they know you're temp staff.. lol.. but thank goodness my dear friend is the comp..

haha.. i quite thankful la, e other temp staff - 5 girls, Yijin, Huiting, Jiapei, Kai Wei n (i dunno her name..oh no..), were real friendly tho I m like e only one who dunno everyone else frm sec sch or JC la.. haha~ yea~ i was kinda shocked that they asked me out for dinner to send me off! I think i'm really convicted abt this whole 'fitting-in' and 'clicking' thing. I feel happier when i just take people for who they are and go, 'yea, fine, that's cool.' I'd rather ppl being different than similar to me frankly. Haha~! I wanna go people-watching someday with my sketchbk - but i get plenty of that from church - what with 40+ members in CG! XD It's funny how you can love ppl tt under normal circumstances, you'd never approach or get to know through networking amongst ur friends in the world - meaning, totally different from u! almost every person in W345, presents a culture shock to me - we're all funny compositions of characters n interests! It was stressful at first, n it still takes an effort to participate actively like before, but one thing tt i really got when performing in emerge is tt ppl aren't here to put u down. Really. Ok, most ppl like 99.9% of the world. You'd be surprised how many ppl are eager to get on your side n get into your life - if only you'd let them!

yea.. i dunno leh.. i just walk out of this funk, n then i suddenly find it v tiring 'trying' by my own reasoning, to do the right things n judging everything n everyone else by my set of standards. Lol.. sometimes, I find tt people dun want or need u to be 'polite', or to do the right thing - basic courtesy is fine, but loosen up!

There was one thing abt Steve Irwin's eulogy tt really touched me n made me feel sad for the loss: He's a real straight-forward bloke. What you see is what you get.

But i find i'm a different person as a stranger, then as an acquaintance, then as a friend. a big SORRY to all those i haven't been sincere, straightforward, caring enough. Really. Here's a great shocker to u ppl out there; there are ppl tt actually can't be spontaneously 'fun', eg. me. haha~ but one thing; expect something big, not necessarily fun, when you ask God, 'what's wrong with me?' still, it's worth it.


Anonymous said…
hi! finally can leave comments on your blog. haha, and i am amused that you find almost every one in the CG a mini culture shock! though i sometimes worry that i am bimbo-like and airheaded to you guys. HAHA!
Anonymous said…
that was me - JINGXUAN btw.
dotdotD said…
Lol.. who's the anonymous commentator? =D

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